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‘Not only did Vanessa help me to understand my team’s motivations, but she also worked with me to be able to achieve my own personal goals. I would recommend her to anyone working in a sales environment, regardless of your level.’

HR Strategist

‘We engaged Vanessa because of the breadth of her skills and experience in coaching and training. Vanessa combined group training sessions with 1-2-1 meetings to embed specific areas of development. What impressed me about her work, was that she put clear structures in place to ensure the business realised the benefits of our investment in L&D.’


‘Vanessa is an outstanding coach and mentor, with a genuine ability to understand the unique challenges faced by a consultant and construct a suitable strategy to help them.’

Managing Consultant

‘Vanessa is a gifted coach. Her ability to deliver focused and measured coaching techniques that hone in on the issue at hand has proved invaluable to our business and she comes highly recommended. While she has an in-depth experience of the recruitment world specifically, Vanessa’s coaching abilities make her highly suitable for any coaching requirement.’

Learning & Development Director

‘Vanessa is a rare and unique find in the world of recruitment training. Not only does she possess the academic and learning delivery background that an L&D consultant needs, but she has the real experience of working as, and being successful, at being a recruiter. She understands the business, the people and at all levels. She adds value to a recruitment organisation and is a great partner to your business – providing key training interventions when you need.’

HR Strategist

‘Vanessa is fun, engaging and positive, both in and out of the training room. During her time here, she mentored some of the less experienced trainers and contributed some great ideas to help them develop themselves and build confidence.’

Group Training Manager

‘I had the great privilege of attending two of Vanessa’s training sessions and she was absolutely brilliant, a real professional. Vanessa has amazing attributes, which make her undoubtedly one of the best trainers I have worked with. Vanessa had ample amounts of energy, passion and enthusiasm, which made is such a good experience and ultimately enabled me to develop myself as a consultant. I would highly recommend Vanessa for anyone seeking a professional service.’

Contract Consultant

‘I have attended various group training courses conducted by Vanessa as well as receiving occasional training on a 1-2-1 basis. I found that she is able to engage well with people of varying levels of experience and effectively train them on how to better their skills. In terms of 1-2-1 training, Vanessa was influential in enhancing my business development capabilities and particularly assisted in increasing confidence and therefore my success rate.’

Senior Director

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