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A lot of what I do to help companies is desk coaching. I sit by consultants and listen to their calls and then give them and managers feedback. Many times I hear consultants asking the right questions, for instance, why are you looking to leave? How much experience have you had doing X? What salary do you want? That's great, they are finding out the basic information. They come off the phone knowing the what I call 'surface' information, the top line information that will tell if a candidate can do the job or not, yet they are missing a whole host of information. These are the motivators, the reason behind decisions, the more in depth experience that they have, the more market knowledge that they know.

I wonder why consultants don't ask these questions. Is it time pressure? Because we have little of it and so many candidates to call. Is it that we don't know what questions to ask, or complacency? Well, I am guessing it's a little of all three.

Now, I bet if the same consultants went out for a drink with their friends, the conversation would go on for ages and they would ask lots of questions. Question the answers and then probe more.

One lady I used to work with years ago, was particularly nosey. She was very inquisitive and liked to know all the what's and the why's. She found her candidates to be fascinating and just loved to find out all about them. She was not shy in asking questions and not just the standard c.v. questions, being interviewed by her was more of a life interview. Did it pay off? You bet it did, she regularly did 90K quarters and now is a leading Director for a large recruitment company.

It pays to be nosey because:

  • You find out a lot more information to help you market a candidate
  • You find out motivators and can therefore put the candidate in front of suitable companies for them.
  • You work at finding commonality, therefore rapport is built, a relationship progresses and it is easier to put the right roles in front of your candidate.
  • You are more likely to remember your candidates, so when a role gets called in, your candidate will spring to mind easier.

With all of the above, you are bound to make more placements and of course more money, yippeeee!


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