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What you might discover when you use the words 'surprise myself'

Speak and open up your mind 
It's something you should do all the time 
Keep exploring, seek and find 
You know you might surprise yourself

These are the lyrics from artist 'Jack Garrett'  who wrote the lyrics for his girlfriend, when she was feeling like the world was against her. 

When we are feeling down, when we feel the world is against us, all is going wrong, it is so easy for our minds to go into a downwards spiral and then go into overdrive of all the bad things that might happen and what else could go wrong. We start thinking of worst case scenarios and before we know it, it sends us into a panic, anxiety and stress. STOP!!!! This is all in our minds. None of what has happened in our heads, has happened, we have made it all up. By changing our language, we can open up possibilities instead of going down a wrong thread. We can talk ourselves into something, we can motivate ourselves, we can push ourselves into doing something, even if we are scared to death. 

One phrase I have found that works for me is ' I might surprise myself by' I use it whenever I am apprehensive about something, whenever I am worried how something might turn out. I say to myself, I may well surprise myself by how well this turns out. I might surprise myself by how well I can do. 

It really takes out any forced outcome, any stress in what I should be achieving. For me it opens up a world of possibilities which is far more exciting than the pressure to achieve. Creating the feeling of excitement and anticipation of what good can come is far more motivating. I now look forward to the upcoming event, knowing that I might surprise myself. What do I do if the event does not go well? Well I tell myself that I may well surprise myself by how well I can handle it and turn it into a positive. 

My question to you is, In what way can you surprise yourself this week? 

Have a good week and I'd love to hear in what ways you have surprised yourself. 

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