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Turning things around


It's great when people turn things around isn't it? The thing is to be able to turn something around that isn't working for you, you really have to want to do it. I remember coaching 'James'. He was running a team of 5 and they were operating a desk where they had business coming in, lots of business so that was certainly not the issue. The issue was that they could not find the candidates to fill the roles. His team were all new consultants, fresh out of university. They talked to lots of candidates and put candidates forwards for the roles but none were making it to interview. We needed to do a little digging as to why.

James' attitude was very much, 'get on the phone and get as many calls done as possible'. He was pushing them really hard for numbers, they had to make lots of calls. Quantity not quality was the priority. The stick rather than the carrot was James' mode of motivation. Things needed to change.

1. We needed to find out why James wanted the change, what was his reward.

2. We had to work on what the end result was going to look like.

3. We broke down the steps that were not working and what needed to change to get the result he wanted.

4. We looked at James' behaviours and his beliefs and what needed to change.

5. The work begins.


James needed to completely change the working practices of his team but also his own beliefs on what actions produce results. It's only when something is really not working do we look to change. Many of us also think making changes can be easy, but when it means changing deeply held beliefs, it can be hard to see something from another perspective. To make the changes, hence why you really have to want to change and be open to change because it will be challenging at times. Though through perseverance and a willingness to do what it takes, James did change his style of management and his focus. He became focused on quality and relationship building, rather than numbers. He also changed how he was rewarding his team and gave rewards to what they got out of calls. He had to get involved with training his team. He also noticed that as he changed, his team changed and the atmosphere became more fun, it was friendly competitive and relationships became key. Positive results all around as the placements started happening, which led to the team wanting to stay and grow with James.


The key to changing is:

Want to change

Be open to change

Keep going when it gets touch and results will happen


About Vanessa

She has worked within the recruitment industry for nearly 20 years. She is a coach and trainer and helps many business owners and leaders turn around performance.

Get in touch if you want to see how Vanessa can help you or your team.


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