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The Best Ways To Motivate Your Team

We all know that when your team are super motivated, they are more productive, engaged and eager to do well. When people are brought into your leadership and they are invested in, you will find that they are loyal and they will work hard and want to succeed. Everyone is motivated in different ways and that’s where communication comes in between you and your team member to find out how that person is motivated, is it the carrot or is it the stick?

Here are some ways to ensure you are doing what you can to motivate your team

1. Get your team member to set goals and work with them on making that goal specific.

2. Get your team together for regular team meetings, use collaboration for ideas, let them have a say in rules and targets.

3. Have regular 1-2-1 meetings with each team member, even if it is to say well done for the week, the one positive line could make a huge difference.

4. Keep the meetings consistent, there’s nothing worse than your employee being told that it is cancelled. They feel as if they are not worth your time.

5. On the same note, make sure the meetings are productive.

6. Praise, praise, praise. All too often I hear from employees that they have no idea whether they are doing well or not because no one has told them.

7. When your employee messes up and it is a genuine mistake, talk it through with them so they learn from it.

8. Competitions – get the team to come up with them and be clear on what the rewards are.

9. Leader/billing boards. It’s motivating to want to beat someone and encourages competition.

10. Regular congratulatory emails to the whole team/company/division. It’s motivating to want to have your name up in lights.

If you or your team are interested in training or coaching, feel free to contact me.

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