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Is success really the end game?

In yesterday’s article, I was sharing some of the keys to success. Many articles that I read give advice on what we need to do to be successful. Though this seems to come from a presupposition that we are not successful as we are. We are chasing success and success is promised as 'the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow', that once we reach it, then life will be this beautiful, pleasurable thing and everything we wanted will come to us. However, life doesn't happen like that. Chasing that 'pot of gold' actually stops us from enjoying what we are doing in the here and now. How about if we are successful now? Even if we are not in the job that we want, and we are not doing as well as we like, we can still look at in what ways we are successful now. Success is what we label it. So, if we label success as happiness, finding ways that we are happy now is success. Ironically, we are more likely to achieve what we want if we feel the feeling that we want when we want the 'success'.  Now I am not advocating that we drop our goals and not look to the future, I am merely saying enjoy the journey because success is the journey. The more we can be in the now, enjoy what we have, the more likely we will continue on our positive path because we are telling our brains that this feels good, we are alive and happy and to continue what we are doing now because it is working. 

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