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How to turn your negative thoughts around

 In the world of recruitment, when the job is like a roller coaster, it can be so hard to keep yourself positive and upbeat.

It is so easy to go down a spiral of negativity when things start going wrong. The nature of the business, the knowledge that you will lose runners and that ours is naturally a high turnover industry so people will leave your business, can all make us think negatively. When things go wrong it is all too easy getting frustrated and to start with the negative language. ‘Grr… This is not good, this is rubbish, Why is this business not doing well?’ We start asking ourselves questions about the why nots, why isn't… which only gets us thinking of even more negative patterns. If we carry on, then things start looking very bleak indeed.

The trick is to catch ourselves when something goes wrong and quickly turn it around. There are several things that you can do:

1.      When something goes wrong, ask yourself - What is good in this?

2.      Shout loudly in your head - STOP - then ask positive questions such as, what could be done, how can this be OK?

3.      Stop, take 3 deep breaths, take a moment to work out your solution.

By looking at the positive, by being calm and having inner reassurance that everything will be ok, it allows us to look for solutions. It also clears space in our heads to think of solutions in a logical way, rather than acting on emotions.

Executive Coaching sessions can help you with a negative outlook - get in touch if you would like to book a free session with Vanessa from Inspired To Recruit.

How to turn your negative thoughts around

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