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How emotionally intelligent leaders pull up their employees


I was recently observing a manager in their office and they needed to pull up an employee. The manager pulled the employee to the side and the conversation was something akin to a school teacher telling off their pupil.


Manager: You were supposed to be making sales calls this week and going on a visit and you haven't done anything, in fact you haven't reported anything for a few weeks and your performance is ****. It's not on, pull your finger out otherwise we will be taking it further. You've no excuse so get on with it.

Employee: err ok, I have been trying.

Manager: No you haven't, I haven't heard you make any calls for a few weeks so pick up the phone and stop being lazy. End of conversation.


The manager was pleased with himself for making some good points and a 'that told him' attitude.

'How motivated do you think the employee is now', I asked?

'I don't care, so long as he makes his calls otherwise he is out…'


We wonder why standards in recruitment can be poor and why people don't bill. The manager could have got his point across, though being spoken to like an idiot the employee is unlikely to stay, especially if they are not getting supported and just getting a rollocking.

If the manager had just taken a step back, given a thought as to why the person was not doing BD, what support they need, then the employee could be given training and then start making themselves money, stay for much longer than 6 months and the person and the team grow as a result.


If the conversation had gone something like below, we could have a success story.


Manager: Looking at your stats, it says you have not made any BD calls this week. What is going on?

Employee: I don't think I have anyone to call and I am not sure what to say.

Manager: What happened to the list we went through? I thought we did some BD training?

Employee: I have called everyone on the list and we went through the basic questions, though I get stuck when the client says something I don't understand.

Manager: OK, I want you to look on the job boards and find 5 leads. I want you to speak to 10 candidates and get 5 leads and we can follow them up. I'd like us to do a role play before you call, to help with your questioning, sound ok?

Employee: That would help, thanks.


Now the employee feels supported and the manager is making themselves approachable so anytime the employee is having a problem in future, they will find it easy to go to them.


If you want to find out more, how EQ and people skills can help your leadership, give me a call.


Vanessa has an abundance of experience within the recruitment industry and is also a fully qualified Executive Coach. If you'd like to book a session with Vanessa, get in touch via the Inspired To Recruit website.

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