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How can mindfulness help your recruitment business?

Mindfulness. Is it something you have heard of? Is it a new-found thing that really is made up and is just waffle? What is it and how on earth can it help me?

Mindfulness is being conscious aware of something. Being consciously aware in the present moment. By that I mean, knowing your feelings, knowing your thoughts at any given time. Also by being able to be an observer of our own thoughts and feelings. Now you might say, well I am aware and I do know my feelings. For instance, you are in conversation, you know what you are saying, you know that the other person is either making you happy or you might be getting frustrated. Well, how often in this conversation does your mind wander? Does your mind switch off and you stop listening momentarily to the other person? By going off into your own thoughts our feelings go with our thoughts and suddenly we are no longer present in the moment. We then lose some of our power to communicate effectively. We miss the unconscious signals that the other person is giving out.

How can mindfulness help me?

We can communicate more effectively. We can seek to understand better instead of being concerned with what we are going to say. We pick up on unspoken body language.

When we can observe ourselves, instead of being stuck in a feeling, it means we are not so reactionary. We can look at a situation with much more of an objective point of view and react in a more logical way. This means conversations are not so emotional and dealing with difficult situations become calm and measured.

We become more in control of our thoughts and feelings, we choose them instead of just reacting.

We are less likely to be worried about future events, or occupied with past events.

We are more likely to be more engaged, more aware of what we say and how we say something.

We are more aware of how we present ourselves to the world and more in control to change it if we want to.

How can you practice mindfulness?

Start by meditating, just 5 minutes each day.

Become aware of body sensations, likes small aches and pains maybe, or itching and instead of reacting straightaway, just observe the feeling.

Become aware of emotions and again just observe without judgement. What is that emotion about?

Practising acceptance. Learning to accept feelings, changes, emotions. It allows you to be more calm and considered when life throws challenges at you.

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