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Easy ways to manage your stress levels

Managing our desks and businesses means we are under constant pressure to hit our targets, exceed our targets and make sure we are billing what we want to.

In the world of recruitment, it feels like we are constantly on a roller coaster. One phone call and the candidate accepts the offer, woohoo, we can now put our fee on the board, the next phone call could be another candidate pulling out when they said yes previously and that means we are now behind our target. Recruitment is a stressful job. How we manage that stress could mean we either do very well or crash and burn out.

How can we manage that stress so it is productive?

1. Recognise when stress is having a negative effect on you, it could manifest in the form of:


Loss of appetite




Low immune system

2. Step away from your desk and go take a breather, even if it’s in the loo.

3. Step away from the situation and use a stress reliver, such as a fidget spinner or squidgy toy.

4. Learn to master deep breathing. A few deep breaths calms you down and takes away the stress emotion.

5. Learn how to relax away from stressful situations. The more you can relax, the less likely your stress will reach high levels.

6. Prioritise your work load for the rest of the day.

7. Set realistic expectations of what is achievable

8. When the situation is getting tense, walk away, tell the client you need to call them back and ask yourself ‘what do you want from this situation?’

9. Take stock of your lifestyle and in what ways could you be healthier?


If you or your teams are interested in coaching or training, please feel free to contact me.

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