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7 Steps to reaching your goals

Do you have dreams and goals that would be amazing if you achieved them?  Have you ever stopped yourself from going for that goal because you have thought the dream is just not realistic or the goal or dream just seems so out of reach that it's not worth our while going for it. It is too far away so why bother?  It will never happen anyway.

I heard this the other day when coaching someone and my inner voice screamed  Arrghhh Noooooo, you are cutting off your dream before you have even given it a chance. 

When we set a goal that we perceive to be too far away, instead of motivating us, it can have the opposite effect. We can get despondent and discouraged by the goal.

 A book that I love which has helped me to realise the power of knowing you can get the goal, no matter what size the goal is, is The slight Edge by Jeff Olson. He describes 7 Principles to achieving to your goal.

I found it hugely motivating and to me it has made me realise that I do not have to take massive action out of my comfort zone, actually the more little steps I take the more effective I will be.

His book is advocating that it is the small and what we think are inconsequential decisions and actions we take every day that add up over time that make a huge difference. 

 His 7 principles are:

 1. Just show up

When we show up day after day we are continually putting in the work and building on the previous day. Our skill and learning is better than it was yesterday. Think back to when you first started your business, how much do you know now than when you first started? So long as we are making effective choices and positive actions, each day we are moving closer to our goal. 

 2. Be Consistent

When you keep doing the same actions day after day momentum builds. Marketers know this, Athletes know this and successful business people know that it is not one brilliant action that pushes us forward, it is keeping doing the small actions that slowly push us forward in the line to success.

3. Have a good attitude.

Positivity is crucial to helping you through the tough times. It really helps us when dealing with the obstacles and people stopping us hit our goal.

 4. Be Committed for a long period of time.

Success and relationships all take time to build. Often we want that success now. Success is not a sprint. It takes time to learn skills and perfect them. Why do you think people with experience can charge so much for their services and are in demand?

 5. Have faith and a burning desire

Keep believing in yourself that it will happen and it will.  That strong desire will keep pushing you through when times get tough.

 6. Be willing to pay the price

There is always a price to everything we do and before we commit, we need to weight up what the price will be. It might be more time, more money and or increasing your skill level.

 7. Integrity

This is about being honest, honest with yourself that you are putting in the work, that you are being true to yourself.

 Whenever you set the goal and you think it is too high, break the goal down, use the principles above and re set the expectation about when it will happen, but know it definitely will happen.

Have fun, hitting those goals

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