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A good relationship can bring you a lot of enjoyment, it can open doors for you and of course, bring in more business for everyone involved.

Here are 5 tips to building better business relationships!


  1. Give - Giving to the relationship instead of thinking what you can get. When we give, we are offering and building trust. When people trust us, they are more than likely to like us.
  2. Be yourself - often, I think especially in sales/recruitment, we can put on a front, thinking we have to look professional, we have to act a certain way. People can see through this front. Yes, you still need to remain your professional self, but your personality is what will draw people to you. People want to deal with real people, not robots.
  3. Manage expectations - There is nothing more frustrating than someone saying that they will do something and by a certain date, only for it not to happen. It is much better to be upfront and say, it will be done a day later, or tell the truth about what you think, and then if you are going to be delayed, notify the person before the deadline. They will appreciate your honesty and more importantly, they will know where they are with you so they can manage their work and deadlines accordingly.
  4. Identify your shared goals and values - Once you have done this, you will find you will work together and actually more likely to achieve those goals.
  5. Listen - When you listen, more to the tone rather than the words, you will be more in tune with the other person. Ask questions on what you hear.

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