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About Vanessa

An Executive Coach, a Recruitment Trainer and a Professional Speaker.


She has been working within the recruitment sector for over 15 years, from running her own desks, managing teams, training recruiters to coaching directors. Vanessa has worked through both the tough times and good times in the industry and she knows what it takes to run a successful desk; hard work, persistence and confidence.


Vanessa has great enthusiasm for teaching people new skills, for helping people work through their issues in order to allow them to go forward in their careers. She brings energy, fun and positivity to both training workshops and individual coaching.

In her spare time, Vanessa loves doing yoga, gymnastics, trampolining and pole fitness, and anything involving personal development. She is passionate about her plant based diet and loves feeling healthy and fit. She is particularly interested in human behaviour and how, by looking within ourselves, we can constantly find ways to move through life with enjoyment. She is also a secret cat lady, and she spoils them rotten!

Qualifications & Training

Vanessa has studied and qualified in the following areas::

  • Certificate in Firework Career coaching
  • Certificate in Learning and Development Practise
  • Psychotherapy
  • Behavioural therapy
  • Master NLP practitioner (Neuro linguistic Programing)
  • Public Speaking (Member of the Public Speaking Association)

Vanessa understands how people work and how to motivate them. She utilises these skills when creating a bespoke training and coaching programme, allowing consultants to maximise their potential and achieve results more quickly.

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